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The First Time I Met Tasz

The first time I met Tasz

was an odd way to meet one’s love of their life.

I was going through the mundane motions at music school in Hollywood, going to drink tap water at break-time.

As soon as I get up & turn around, there is this happy-go-lucky,

wide-eyed smiling rocker guy looking back at me!

Eager & happy to say hello! I was dumb-founded.

He hates this phrase but he was the coolest asian guy I ever met,

& it was quite rare to see someone with such spirit!

He had this free, rock spirit that was energizing & refreshing.

Walking down the hallways, he always wore a dashing smile,

like sunshine shone a spotlight on him.

He is also the most sincere person I ever met.

Talking to him made me feel really comforted & as if I found home.

His voice is gentle & deep. I sound like a fan-girl but I really do feel this way about him. & I didn’t really tell him all this then.

I was kind of a loner, & I enjoyed my solitude. So meeting him warmed me up to becoming friends with all his friends, & being jollier in general. When we held hands it felt like a reunion.

He actually asked me one day, if he could get the same tattoo as mine, because he felt like meeting me was something significant, & he wanted to remember this event. I was thrilled & flattered but a little overwhelmed. That same day, he dragged me to High Voltage Tattoo, in LA, & got my Lotus tattoo on his arm.

His is black & mine blue. It was kinda crazy for me. But we did many thrilling things as such together after this.

With Tasz everything was exciting! This is the story of how we met.

This is the beginning of our story. Of our love & of our music. Love,


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